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Lingering Charm of Yunjian Calligraphy: Shanghai Songjiang Calligraphy Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 1、8、9

This exhibition is a contemporary extension of the research demonstration of the Yunjian School of Calligraphy in Songjiang, the birthplace of Shanghai's ancient culture. It is an important part of the Cultural Construction Project of Calligraphy and Painting In Songjiang and the third exhibition of the Shanghai Calligraphy and Jinjing Exhibition.
This exhibition exhibits 139 works of calligraphy, letters and seal carvings of important calligraphers in Songjiang calligraphy history. Focusing on the inheritance and development of Yunjian School of calligraphy in Ming and Qing Dynasties represented by Dong Qichang, the exhibition presents the development of Songjiang calligraphy in the past 1700 years in a visual way. The purpose and goal of this exhibition is to rediscover and find the history of Songjiang calligraphy, which is composed of these works, events, literature and books, from the perspective of the new era, new culture, new Songjiang, and new journey. The value and significance of the Chinese to further explore the depth and breadth of the humanities Songjiang, enrich the historical thickness of Jiangnan cultural studies, based on the high school calligraphy highland, consolidate the foundation of the "Chinese Calligraphy City", expand the influence of Shanghai calligraphy, and launch the Shanghai cultural brand.

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