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Love of Hainan -- Meng Faxiang Works Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 4
Meng Faxiang, born in Haikou City, Hainan Province, started painting at the age of nine. He joined the army to defend the frontier at nineteen. After leaving the army, he has been engaged in cultural relics work for a long time. He served as the director of Hainan Artists Association, executive vice chairman and secretary general of Haikou Artists Association, and secretary general of Haikou Calligrapher Association. He was employed as a painter of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting. With his unique "obscure" painting style, pursuit of quiet and beautiful artistic orientation, tranquil and tender-hearted personality, he is quite famous in the Hainan calligraphy and painting circles. He has shown people a "new" Hainan, permeated with misted, implicit, faint ink charms. The expression of such beauty requires a unique formal language, and a pair of eyes of discovery. Hainan under his painting brush is a real field in geographical meaning and a hometown in the spiritual sense. Returning to the hometown and merging into nature is the way to understand the poetic life.
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