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Footprints of Trackers -- Bai Desong Works Exhibition in 2018

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  • Venues:Hall 3、5、7

Bai Desong, born in Chengdu in 1938, is a member of China Artists Association and the first head of the department of traditional Chinese painting in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. He has made important contributions to the construction of the contemporary teaching system of traditional Chinese painting in the academy. His paintings have been selected for many times to the national art exhibitions and won prizes.

In his early years, Bai Desong focused on figure paintings and freehand brush works of flowers and birds. Because of his sensitivity to the three major components of modern art, he started with simple strokes, tried with various forms, and found new paths in decorative expressions full of sense of forms, and made remarkable achievements. In the past two decades, he has escaped from the bustling secular world, concentrated in painting, and created a large number of canvas paintings with exact delineation and enriched colors, which contain the Chinese cultural spirit, philosophy and wisdom, ushering in a new creative climax. The exhibition shows 70 traditional Chinese paintings selected from Mr. Bai Desong's 60 years painting career. These works, with distinct artistic characteristics and diverse artistic styles, mirror the artistic state of Mr. Bai cherishing high aspirations and his persistent pursuit of the ideal of Chinese traditional culture.

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