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Looking Back at Chang’an, Origin of Silk Road -- Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Paintings of Chang'an Painting School and Chang'an Painting Circles in Beijing

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 2、6
The exhibition is held to commemorate the 57th anniversary of displaying the Chang'an Painting School works in Beijing. It is also to show the development course and sort out the artistic ideas and influence of the Chang'an Painting School. The exhibition is separated into three sections, which are the Elaborate Works of Six Great Masters of Changan Painting School, Literature of Chang'an Painting School, and Works of Famous Young, Middle-aged and Old Artists of Chang’an Painting Circles in the New Era. It is a large-scale show of academic research results. Seminars will be held in addition to the show of paintings, pictures, devices and videos. Based on the perspective of art history, the exhibition sorts out and displays the works in a systematic way, to disclose the origin and development of the Chang’an Painting School in the visual spectrum, construct theoretically the coordinate position of the Chang’an Painting School in the history of painting art, so as to contribute to the development of the art history and contemporary painting creation.
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