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National Art Works Collection and Donation Incentive Program of Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2018 Donation and Collection Series Exhibition of National Art Museum of China

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  • Venues:Hall 1、8、9
Shi Shaohua was one of the pioneers of photography work of the Communist Party of China in base areas behind the enemy lines. He was also a main builder of the photography network of the Party’s publicity and culture system, and a practitioner and exponent of the photographic aesthetics of New China. The exhibition will present Shi Shaohua's photography course, exploration and achievement in 60 years in the perspectives of news photography in the war years, and documentary and art photography after liberation.
Shi Shaohua had a deep foundation in portrait, scenery and stage photography. His works are novel and diverse in the forms of expression, with real, natural, vivid and simple characteristics. Over the years, they are still powerful in persuasion and artistic appeal. Many works also have high historical value, recorded in the history of Chinese people's revolutionary struggle. On the centenary of Mr. Shi Shaohua's birth, the exhibition will present the artistic style of his life.
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