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Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2018 National Art Collection and Donation Incentive Program: Seeking Truth in Art Road ——Zhang Anzhi's Artistic Life

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  • Venues:Hall 13—17

Zhang Anzhi (1911-1990), a native of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a famous art historian and painter in the 20th century.He was admitted to the art department of the school of education, National Central University in 1928. In 1929, he studied in the western painting class, under tutors Xu Beihong, Pan Yuliang, Cai Renda. In 1931, he graduated from the art department of National Central University in Nanjing, serving as a teaching assistant in the university and associate research fellow in Chinese Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing. In 1946, he went for further studies in the Courtaulk Institute of Art, University of London, Britain. He taught in the Department of Fine Arts, National Central University in Nanjing, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing, Beijing Normal University, Department of Fine Arts of Beijing Art Normal University, Department of Chinese Painting and Department of Art History, Central Academy of Fine Arts, serving as a doctoral supervisor., Zhang Anzhi's works followed the road of combining Chinese and western elements that was advocated by Mr. Xu Beihong. He brought the comprehensive cultural accomplishment and literati integrity into his paintings, fostering an individual artistic style of gentle and heroic elements. The collection of his works will enrich the content of Xu Beihong's art route and provide fresh materials for the study of 20th century art history.

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