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Sky and Earth -- Chen Fanggui's Artistic Works Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 13—17

The Sky and the Earth art exhibition, by Chen Fanggui, a full-time painter of the studio of the Publicity Bureau under the Political Work Department of the Rocket Army, will be held at the National Art Museum of China on May 6, 2018.
The exhibition will closely focus on the theme of "composing biography for the mountains and rivers, and creating the soul for the nation". The exhibition, with nearly 120 pieces on display, is divided into the six parts of theme creation, character Ke Jian, home mountain in the eye, tracing brush and ink, integrating the ancient and modern, teaching each other. The Great Wall Suite are large-scale major historical paintings created with modern installations and comprehensive materials in 2012. The Gully Earth is a giant landscape painting created in 2017.
The artist has made a meaningful attempt on the development trend of traditional Chinese paintings from various perspectives and creation methods, in a bid to carry forward the spirit of traditional Chinese painting that is "based on tradition and embody the times", and to show the artistic features of Chinese characters and landscape painting in the new era. The works have been awarded many times in national exhibitions, and given hgh praise by famous experts and scholars Shao Dazheng, Li Baolin, Wang Luxiang.

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