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Charming Works of Skilled Artist -- Pottery Exhibition of Pan Bolin, 2018

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 7

Shiwan tiles are the best in the world. Shiwan pottery wares are treasures of China. Shiwan pottery art is ancient, plain, showing ingenuity.
Shiwan pottery is a great representative of Lingnan culture. The Shiwan dolls, with unity of form and spirit, are unique in the history of Chinese ceramics. Mr. Pan is one of the most influential leaders in Shiwan pottery in recent years. He has opened up a creative line characterized by the customs of the city. He is a representative of the Shiwan Pottery Innovation School, leaving a great impact on the creative ideas of the new generation of ceramic artists. Therefore, this exhibition in National Art Museum of China not only enhances the vitality and influence of Lingnan traditional culture, but also explores a new realm of Shiwan ceramic art.

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