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Mystery –Art Exhibition of Sun Lei, Yang Bin and Yu Lei

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 5

Trace the Mystery is a journey from the same language origin to three dimensions: We follow the enigmatic picture tastes of Sun Lei, Yang Bin and Yu Lei in search of aesthetic traces, and find out their inner spirit of daring to practice under their respective knowledge frame and aesthetic orientation. A showcase of the periodical creation achievement of the three artists, born in the 1970s, the exhibition will put on display over 30 new works. Sun Lei, with a poetic temperament and sensitive to "the form of intuition", creates works rich in cultural memory and introspection force. Yang Bin's surreal link endows the traditional "fine brushwork" artistic vocabulary with a new meaning of the times. Yu Lei's "quiet indifference" is a reconstruction of the traditional "fine brushwork" image, suggesting a peace of mind without too many worries.
The three artists have never forgotten their original intention. They have stuck to the position of ink painting and create works of both contemporary and traditional qualities. They manage to link up the giant spiritual chain of multiculturalism from the perspective of "contemporary people", so as to have an effective examination of contemporary issues, and melt and reorganize new cultural values.

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