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Touring in Pure Heart -- Painting Exhibition of LvPintian

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 3
LvPintian is a contemporary art theorist with outstanding achievements and social influence. He is also a painter of a deep foundation and great talent. Over the years, he has inherited the fine academic tradition established by senior scholars of Chinese National Academy of Arts, such as Huang Binhong, Wang Zhaowen, FengQiyong. He stresses the integration of theory and practice, learning and art, and achieved fruitful results in research and painting. In the field of creation, he insists on painting from life. He uses his leisure time to take notes of touching scenes and episodes of mind. He has hence accumulated a large number of sketches with both the breath of life and the trace of thinking. His ink and wash paintings originate in life and nature, featuring vigorous brushwork and elegant style. They are permeated with a distinct atmosphere of the times and individual features, refreshing in appearance. The exhibition shows over 70 ink and wash landscape paintings and sketches, a concentrated reflection of his artistic features of life and theoretical accomplishment. It is also an exhibition funded by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC concerning cultural celebrities and the Four First Batch Talent Program.
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