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Cultural Inheritance • Power of Painting -- Series Exhibition of Young and Middle-aged Artists in Chinese National Academy of Arts:Xiao Wenfei, Liu Bo

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 4
This exhibition is the fourth part of a series of exhibitions Chinese National Academy of Arts organizes to further implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the symposium on literary and art work, and comprehensively display its creative power and outstanding achievements in the field of artistic practice. This exhibition is a part of duo shows, composed of the four parts of guarding the classic, embracing simplicity, image fable, and deconstruction & reconstruction. They will be held in batches at the NAMOC. The participating artists are Xiao Wenfei and Liu Bo, who over the years have devoted themselves to the research and creation in respective fields of art. The theme ofXiaoWenfei's exhibition is "Light and Heavy", and that of Liu Bo is “No Dust”.
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