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Ecological Home -- Fujian Songxi Print Works Exhibition

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North Fujian has a long history of creating new print works. During 1942-1946, influenced by the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Lishui "Zhejiang Wood Carving Supplies Cooperative" and a group of print makers including Shao Keping, Yang Keyang, Zheng Yefu, migrated from Shangrao of Jiangxi to the Chishi region of ChonganCounty , Northern Fujian, carrying out woodcut activities. Since then, they sowed the seeds of printmaking art in the land of North Fujian.
In 1994, Songxi County kicked off the mass printmaking creation activity, starting with the Songxi Women's Printmaking Class. In 2000, Songxi County was named by the Ministry of Culture as "the hometown of Chinese printmaking art". In 2003, the county government set up the Songxi County Printmaking Academy. Among the artists, there are two members of Chinese Artists Association and 16 members of Fujian Artists Association.Over the past 20 years, 29 Songxi printmaking works have been respectively selected for the 10th, 11th and 12th National Art Exhibition, the 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th National Printmaking Exhibition, the 7th National Sports Art Exhibition, Shanghai Expo China Art Exhibition, the 4th National Youth Art Exhibition, Beijing International Art Biennale Exhibition, the 10th China Art Festival?National Fine Arts Exhibition.More than 300 works were published in newspapers and magazines including "Fine Arts", "Fine Arts News", "Chinese Culture News", "Asian Fine Arts", "American Overseas Chinese News". Over 260 works were collected by Fujian Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Guizhou Art Museum, Sichuan Shenzhou Printmaking Museum, Anhui Art Association, Alburon Museum of Art, Australia.

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