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Preciseness and Elegance -- Su Baijun Chinese Realistic Painting Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 1、8、9
The exhibition will show Su Baijun's representative works created over the years, as well as fan art, line drawing and long roll works, totaling over 120 fine works. The theme of the exhibition is Preciseness and Elegancewhich means in the process of art creation, we need to concern about the artistic conception, rules and patterns and do the best to constantly improve painting skills. Su Baijun is a professor of Central Academy Of Fine Arts, and a doctoral supervisor of Chinese National Academy of Arts. He is steadfast, devoted and sincere. He inquires into the techniques of Chinese elaborate-style flower-and-bird paintings. In a calm mood, he polishes his works, hammers out the art of presentation, and ponders skills. He diligently reflects on painting theories, remains upright and aloof in art and self-cultivation. These have brought up his all-round literary accomplishment, deep professional foundation and super creativity. His artistic creation is affectionate modeling, elegant and secluded landscape, divine tracing, and charming perfect harmony beyond images.
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