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UniquenessandConvergence -- Special Exhibition of BRICS Alliance of Art Museums and Galleries

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 2、3

This exhibition is an important foreign exchange program of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2017, during the second BRICS Meeting of Ministers of Culture, representatives of the five countries of China, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and India signed a letter of intent to establish a union of museums and art galleries for multilateral cultural exchange and cooperation. National Art Museum of China, the agency of accountability for the union in China, planned a special exhibition with the theme of Uniqueness and Convergence, while hosting the Forum of BRICS Alliance of Art Museums and Galleries, to develop a more diverse and rich platform for dialogue. In the background of advocating “mutual learning between civilizations”, the exhibition will display 62 works from the BRICS galleries and museums. It is believed that this exhibition will not only be conducive to enhance friendship among the BRICS, but also of far-reaching significance to the promotion of international art exchanges.

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