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China·Art·Academy -- Exhibition Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of Founding of China Academy of Art

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 1—11

Since the new century, China Academy of Art has always adhered to the spiritual mission of "dual engineer of human souls". It stands as the vanguard of art education and creation, exalts the Chinese spirit with the visual culture, raises the national psyche with social aesthetic education, and preserves the roots of the people with local reconstruction, winning high attention and praise of the whole society.
The exhibition revolves around three themes: "the pioneer journey of Chinese art, the core scene of art education, and the epoch declaration of the academy spirit." It brings together 15 core creative teaching cases, focuses on China Academy of Art, the core site of contemporary Chinese art education since the new century, and sums up the historical practice of the academy taking root in the Chinese land to run education in the global context. It presents the cultural coordinates, educational ideas and artistic achievements of academy, explores the creative and dynamic mechanisms of art education with Chinese characteristics, and explore the practice and development paths of Chinese higher art education.

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