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In Search of Zen—The Art of LuiShou-Kwan

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  • Venues:Hall 19—21
LuiShou-kwan (1919–1975) is widely considered the father of modern ink art in Hong Kong, known in the west especially for his ‘zen painting’ created during the 1960s–1970s. Perhaps more importantly, his grasp of the historical development of Chinese painting gave him the vision to foresee this trend and global impact of ink painting. On one level, this exhibition seeks to unveil the thoughts and oeuvre of the visionary artist. On another level, this exhibition is a case study that challenges an art historical discourse predominated by political history. The exhibition—gathering masterpieces from the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Lui family—argues that Lui’s contribution is anything but marginal, because his paintings paved the way for the modern ink movement that epitomizes contemporary Chinese art in the international art scene in the twentieth-first century.
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