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NAMOC Donation and Collection Exhibition Series-In the Pursuit of Eminence in Ink and Brush – Au Ho-Nien’s Art exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 13—17

The Lingnan Art School was an important painting school in the wave of art reform in China in the 20th century. It had a profound influence on the modern transformation of traditional Chinese paintings. Au Ho-Nien learned after Zhao Shao’ang, a master of the second generation of the LingnanArtSchool. He has inherited the tradition of LingnanArt School"reconciling the Chinese and western elements" in artistic creation. With the artistic attitude of "integrating the ancient and the modern", he has made artistic achievements of a pluralistic outlook. In 1970, he was offered a post by the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. In this environment of further carrying forward the artistic spirit ofLingnanArt School, he has made great contribution to the development of the art of ink and brush in Taiwan.Though in his 80s, Au Ho-Nien remains active in artistic creation. This exhibition, a national art collection and donation incentive program of the Ministry of Culture in 2018, is an intensive display of his artistic works on the themes of landscape, flowers and birds, animals, figures and calligraphy in different historical periods. They have shown the artistic demeanour of contemporary Lingnan painting school.

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