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Nation and Times -- Xu Beihong Thematic Creation Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 1、8、9
This exhibition sorts out and displays over 100 pieces of Xu Beihong which were landmarks of the times with great historical values. They are separated into three parts. Part One is the National Spirit, putting on display representative masterpieces of Xu, including When Faith Moves Mountains, Wait for Me, Ba People Draw Water, The General Assembly for World Peace, and Join Forces in Tokyo. Part Two is the Graphic Narrative, showing the rough sketches and line drawings of Xu Beihong in the creation of When Faith Moves Mountains and others. Many of the sketches are exhibited for the first time. Part Three is the Woes of the Family and Country, putting on show the works of Xu Beihong with national symbolic significance, such as the Horse, Lion, and Eagle, and the series of sketches for thematic creations.
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