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Beauty in the New Era -- Exhibition of NAMOC Collected Elaborate Calligraphy Works

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 13—17

As a result of years of efforts, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) has substantially raised the number and quality of collected Chinese calligraphy works. This exhibition, based on NAMOC collections, comprises over 90 pieces of calligraphy works, including those of representative calligraphers since the modern times, such as Qi Baishi, Yu Youren, Guo Moruo, Lin Sanzhi, Sha Menghai, Xiao Xian, Gao Ershi, Shu Tong, Zhao Puchu, Wang Xiaju, Qi Gong and Yao Dianzhong. They also contain works of representative calligraphers today, including Ouyang Zhongshi, Li Duo, Shen Peng, Zhang Hai and Su Shishu. The works are rich in breadth and style, featuring small personal letters showing models of the epistolary art , and grand masterpieces.

 The exhibition is held to facilitate profound understanding in the new era of the development of Chinese calligraphy since modern times, and the changes in values, trends of thought, ideals of life, and practical creations that these developments have brought about. And they will reflect the function of NAMOC as the center of collecting, exhibiting and spreading beauty, and fulfill its original intention activate the classics, carry forward the spirit and stimulate innovation.

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