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ColourfulGuizhou -- Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of the Double-hundred Creation Project

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  • Venues:Hall 1、2、4、6、8、9
ColourfulGuizhou, a large-scale calligraphy and painting creation project launched in the province for two years under the Double-hundred guideline which means let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the largest-scaled, highest level and most influential artistic creation project that Guizhou has conducted facing the national calligraphy and painting circles. The organizing committee has selected over 200 wonderful moments from the numerous historical scenes of Guizhou as candidate subjects. In the first phase of the project, 70 painting and 70 calligraphy masterpieces are chosen to covers all the forms, art genres and artistic styles of art and calligraphy. These works are either grand and magnificent in artistic conception, or gentle and delicate in emotional expression, showing an artistic scene of various styles and forms. With exquisite cultural expression modes and rich artistic language, they highlight the unique regional cultural features of Guizhou, and unfold its magnificent historical development process, concentrate power and exhibit the image of the province. It is a landmark event signaling Guizhou calligraphy and painting art to march from the “plateau” to the “peak”.
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