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Power of March --Watercolor Painting Heritage Pedigree ofGuangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 2、6

The watercolor painting specialty of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts has a long history. Thanks to the personal practice of older generation artists, handed down from generation to generation, it has developed into a characteristic painting type, with masters coming forth in great numbers. Their achievements have attracted much attention in the Chinese art circles. The exhibition will present the works of seven generations of watercolor artists, in a bid to sort out the development of watercolor painting in the academy over the past six decades. The 15 participating artists include senior watercolor artists in their 80s, the backbone of watercolor art in the full vigour of life, and young and promising post-80s watercolor artists. They present a complete picture of the prosperity and leap of the painting type in more than half a century. There are 111 pieces of works on display, including the valuable works of late famousartist Li Tiefu, Wang Zhaomin and Chen Xiu’e. They reflect the reform and innovation of watercolor art in the academy and lead the watercolor art of the south of the Five Ridges towards a more diversified direction.

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