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Ontology and Reconstruction -- Lacquer Art Exhibition of Sichuan Fine ArtsInstitute

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  • Venues:Hall 4

The lacquer arts specialty of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute was founded by Chinese lacquer artist Shen Fuwen in 1940. The academy was the earliest in the country to bring the lacquer art into the system of higher art education. The specialty construction maintains sustainable development according to the academic tradition of Shen, showing unique academic character and artistic style. At present, the academy is the only art college in the country to officially establish two major directions of lacquer specialty.

From the 1940s to 1970s, the lacquer art was established in the open academic atmosphere of the academy. Over the years, the academy kept the academic spirit of hard working and diligence, and completed conscious sublimation from craft to art. Since the 1980s, the academy has promoted the reconstruction from traditional expression to modern art. It has put forward the distinct academic opinions of “Painting before lacquer” and “cross-border integration”, and established the contemporary lacquer art expression system and teaching system. The exhibition will show more than 60 pieces of works of generations of lacquer artists from the academy.

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