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NAMOC International Art Donation and Collection Series Exhibition:Sculpture Mark·China Memory -- Sculpture Exhibition of Sergei Selikhanov and Konstantin Selikhanov

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  • Venues:Hall 2、6

The year 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belarus. The exhibition, sponsored by NAMOC, is one of a series of exhibitions it holds to promote cultural and artistic exchanges between China and Belarus. The exhibition will put on display 53 pieces of works from Sergei Selikhanov, and 92 pieces from Konstantin Selikhanov. Some of the exhibited works of Sergei Selikhanov are collections from The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, The Byalynichy District Art Museum of Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya and The Belarusian State Archives-Museum of Literature and Art.

Sergei Selikhanov(1917-1976),is a famous sculptor of the former Soviet Union. He visited China for three months as a foreign expert in November 1956 to January 1957. This exhibition will mainly present the Chinese sculpture images created by him in 1950s, to vividly show the social images and realistic situations in China at that time. Konstantin Selikhanov born in 1967, is a contemporary sculpture artist in Belarus. He inherited the will of his grandfather Sergei Selikhanov in sculpture creation, and began his independent sculpture creation since the first half of 1990s. His sculptures use a wide variety of materials, showing he has constantly explored personalized creative ways in emotional expression and formal innovation.

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