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Zen and Stone Melody -- Zheng Youlin Shoushan Stone Carving Art Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 3

Zheng Youlin, born in Fuzhou in 1969, is a national technical expert, Chinese jade and stone carving master, deputy director of Chinese arts and crafts jade and stone carving art specialized committee, and director of the Central Committee of Fine Arts of China Democratic League. His work Sweetness and Light won the 11th China Folk Art Mountain Flowers Award, Rotten Wooden Handle of Wang Zhi was collected by the Palace Museum, and Everything Looks Fresh and Gay was collected by NAMOC. In 2012, he was granted an outstanding contribution award for national skilled personnel training by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Zheng has pursued the relationship between art and life, scholarship and life, through the real perspective and unconventional artistic thinking, and explored the expression of moods in a free, independent and inspirational way. This exhibition will be divided into the two series of Zen and Children's Eyes, to show 60 masterpieces Zheng created in various stages over the past three decades. They will embody the artist’s pursuit of simple and sincere feelings in the stone carving art, and present a rich and groundbreaking art path to the audiences.

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