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Stay True to Original Self -- Liu Hongyou Calligraphy Art Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 4

The exhibition will fully present the outstanding achievements and contributions of Liu Hongyou in calligraphy creation and education, and Sino-Japanese friendly diplomatic relations, through artistic works, document literature and multimedia forms.
This exhibition will show more than 150 pieces of Liu’s latest works. Covering all the calligraphic styles he has practiced, these representative masterpieces will showcase Liu’s artistic achievements in the styles of seal script, official script, cursive script, running script and regular script. They will be displayed along with Liu’s seal carving works to highlight his artistic achievements featuring integration of seal cutting and painting.
Meanwhile, this exhibition will show the three cultural identities of Liu as a calligraphy artist, envoy of China-Japan friendship, and calligraphy educator, as well as many aspects of artistic creation and life, with meticulously selected historical photos, images, texts and other documents. The vivid graphic materials and abstract, profound calligraphic works complement each other, allowing audiences to get immersed in the exhibition, as if reading a solid book.

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