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The 7th Beijing International Art Biennale

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 1—9,13—17,19—21
The 7th Beijing International Art Biennale takes "Silk Road and world civilization" as the theme and a total of 601 works of 567 artists from 102 countries will be put on display. They comprise 411 works from foreign countries (including the special exhibitions) and 190 works from China, covering contemporary paintings, sculptures, installations, images and other multimedia works. In addition to the theme exhibition, there will be six special exhibitions on contemporary art in Georgia, Greece, Indonesia and Mongolia, as well as “Art Tour from Tintoretto to Liranga ” and “Special Exhibition of Donated Works in Previous Beijing Biennales”. The exhibition will not only be a response and practice of the Belt and Road Initiative, but also serve as an international platform for artists of the world to show their talents. It will present from the angle of visual art the time and space picture of the "Silk Road" and "world civilization", explore the threads of integration of human civilizations, display the fruits of civilization interchange, and write a new chapter in the integration and development of world civilization. This year coincides with the 15th anniversary of its founding, and the exhibition will be the first in the world to attract 100 participating countries, showing that its international reputation, influence and attractiveness are increasing, and also adding overwhelming splendor to Beijing, an ancient cultural capital, with features of modern international metropolis.
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