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2017 2nd NAMOC Collected Young Artists Works Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 13—17

Young artists are the future of Chinese art. Respecting the tradition, and full of creativity, they are the synonym of “cutting-edge” and "vitality", like most active waves and torrents. General Secretary Xi Jinping has placed high hopes on the youth. Looking forward to the future, China's young artists will certainly have great prospects and be able to develop their abilities to the full. On the basis of the complete success of 2016 NAMOC Collected Young Artists Works Exhibition, this year, NAMOC exhibition committee experts made an assessment and re-evaluation of excellent works of representative young artists from across the country, and selected nearly 100 pieces of works into the 2017 2nd NAMOC Collected Young Artists Works Exhibition. These profound, exquisite, well-crafted works are exhibited in China’s highest national art palace, and get collected, to carry forward the spirit of China, witness the development and achievements of contemporary youth art in the country, and grant young artists with impetus and confidence. As the saying goes, "the current generation is stronger than the previous one." This is not only a summary of the law of social development, but also an encouragement to young talents. Chinese youth art will have a promising future.

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