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Lingering Charm of Landscape—Wu Linsheng Art Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 3、5、7
Wu Linsheng (1924-2008) was born in Zhejiang in 1924. He graduated from the art department of National Central University in 1948. Since 1951, he taught at the art department of Nanjing Normal University. After 1978, he worked as a full-time painter of Jiangsu Chinese Painting Institute and a member of Chinese Artists Association. As a disciple and assistant of Fu Baoshi, he imitated nature under the guidance of Fu, and solved the basic techniques of landscape painting. He sang the praises of the great achievements of socialist construction in the years of intense emotions. In the course of searching for grotesque summits, he set off with the mountains and rivers of the motherland, turned consistent with nature, showing a fully delightful brushwork language of strong spirit and elegance of regions south of the Yangtze River. The landscapes under his painting brush are portrayal of natural mountains and rivers, as well as image reconstruction straight from the heart. He followed the new Jinling school spirit initiated by Fu Baoshi. As one of the members, he faced realistic new landscape showing a new aspect of the self, making a contribution to the development of contemporary landscape painting.
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