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The Dreamland -- Zhuang Hongxing Watercolor Painting Donation Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 19—21
Zhuang Hongxing, born in 1940 in Nanxun of east China’s Zhejiang province, has been working as an artist for more than sixty years. He has devoted himself to watercolor painting, represented with works on the theme of water towns. Different from scenery sketches that usually focus on forms, Zhuang’s painting style is concise and comprehensive, with deep artistic conception. His works have integrated the splendid western style and strong oriental rhyme, creating aesthetic images with Chinese traditional customs. In the manner of watercolor painting, Zhuang has explored a unique way for the integration of Chinese and Western art. The works send out strong temperament of the regions south of the Yangtze River, and customs of the Republic of China period (1912——1949). The creations have not only broadened the expressive force of watercolor paintings, but also offered reference values for contemporary watercolor painting creation.
The exhibition, divided into three themes, will display more than 100 watercolor paintings of Zhuang Hongxing, including representative works in important periods of his artistic career, to fully present his exploration and unique way in watercolor art. The exhibition will not only provide audiences with an excellent opportunity to understand Chinese watercolor painting, but also be an artistic review of the rural scenery and the memory of the Republic of China period.
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