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Calligraphy Life——Calligraphy Exhibition for Master Xiao Xian’s 115th Birthday

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  • Venues:Hall 19—21

Xiao Xian(1902一1997), born in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, is a famous Chinese contemporary female calligrapher, with Zhiqiu as her alias, Tuige as her pseudonym, and Master of Room Zhenqin is her signature. She is one of the “Jinling Four Masters” of Jiangsu Calligraphy. Xiao Xian learned calligraphy from Kang Youwei, taking “ Three Stones and San Family Plate ” as the basis. She is especially good at “Bo Ke Big Character”, and is one of the representatives of calligraphic wind of stele school in 20th century.
The exhibition will show nearly 100 representative works in different periods of Master Xiao Xian, and will also hold an academic seminar and compile works to present Master Xiao Xian 's artistic life in various angles. National Art Museum of China hold the exhibition on Master Xiao Xian’s 115th birthday, on the one hand, is to commemorate Master Xiao Xian's contribution in the calligraphy art, and further carry forward the excellent traditional culture; On the other hand, Master Xiao Xian's family has generously donated the representative works of Master Xiao Xian to the art gallery, which enrichs the national calligraphy collection, and accumulates rich resources for the study of Chinese calligraphy in the 20th century.

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