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Inheriting Great Originality —— Zhang Jixin Art Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 3、5、7

The impressionistic flower and bird paintings have profound origin in Suzhou.   The paradigm of The impressionistic flower and bird painting was created by Shen Zhou, Chen Chun more than 500 years ago,  passed on, continues to inherit and carries forward, so that a new flavor of era is constantly injected and its artistic aesthetic meaning is enriched.

Mr. Zhang is 92 years old now. He devotes his life to the inheritance of the impressionistic flower and bird paintings of the Wu school, and persisting in  emphasizing painting from life. He creatively explores and studies the schema and creation of "Jiangnan water freehand flower painting" based on realistic writing techniques.  There is more depiction about the watery place, fruits and other plants, the wild flowers and birds between rivers and lakes in Wuzhong.  Because of the paintings from life and the feelings filled sincere, he painted images about flowers, grass, fishes and birds vivid and lovely with his work style either vigorous, healthy or delicate, gentle, and the various compositions of the works and the fresh style present not only the landscape of natural life, but also the aesthetic pursuit to the art images shaping and the explore with word language, and express his pleasure for the creature and deep life insight, fully showing the dimension of a positive spirit of the era.

Mr. Zhang Jixin's works provides an example for the reference for the impressionistic flower and bird paintings going forward from the tradition to the modern.

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