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Yu Qiuyu Art Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 13—17

Yu Qiuyu is a famous cultural scholar at home and abroad, and his calligraphy achievements are eye-catching as well. His running script is inherited from Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Mi Fu, and Zhao Mengfu, and his cursive is inherited from Huai Su, but also parts are original. Over the past two decades, Mr. Yu was invited to write inscriptions when rebuilding the monument throughout the country at all times, that is, writing inscriptions and writing calligraphy, and he completed "The Monument of Emperor Yan", "The Monument of Famen Temple", "Caishiji Monument", “Dasheng Tower Monument" and other monuments, which is another much told tale of a person talented both in literature and calligraphy as in ancient China. The exhibition will present these monumental rubbings, as well as the long epitaphs written at the invitation for director Xie Jin and Dr. He Fengshan. In addition, Mr. Yu used the writing style of a contemporary first-class essayist to translate the "Happy Tour""Lament" and other ancient classics into readable modern beautiful essays, which are favored by the majority of young people. Simultaneously, there will be presenting of his classic writing and translation, and his works of the mainland version, overseas version, foreign language version and pirate version published over the years, which are alarming in number.

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