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National Character—— Grand Exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Pan Tianshou

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 1、3、7、8、9

The purpose of the exhibition is to reveal the significance of cultural self-confidence to the creation and inheritance of national culture by presenting the contributions of Mr. Pan Tianshou in culture, art and education. The exhibition consists of six sections, the first part is Noble and Stern Character, the second part is Permanent Pursuit of Intrepid Style, the third part is Peculiar and Sudden Enlightment, the fourth part is Yandang Mountain Flowers, the fifth part is Knowing Commonness for the Change and the sixth part is Drinking Water on Cliff.

The exhibition starts from the art style of Pan Tianshou, it weaves Pan’s painting works, painting theories, and poems together to constitute different sections with different themes, striving to discover and display his principle and system from his form and style; expound the aim of his thought from the thousands of years of China thought history and art history; demonstrate his artistic achievements in the world context of modern art; reveal the value and significance of Mr. Pan to carry forward the Chinese spirit, foster cultural self-confidence, and spread national art in the background of contemporary art creation.

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