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Fujian Ravines in Mists—— Liang Ming Splashing Color Landscape Painting Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 3、7

The exhibition is a solo exhibition of 60 works of Liang Zhao's splashing color landscape paintings in recent years. As Fujian landscape painting artist, Liang Ming's splashing color landscape painting works not only reflects his diligent pursuit in art, but also shows the traditional origins. The exhibition consists of four parts, “Fujian Ravines in Mists, Dream Hometown Mountains, Scenery within Mind, Nature the Teacher”. Fujian Ravines in Mists" is the authors theme creation for splashing-ink freehand landscape with huge range; "Dream Hometown Mountains" takes the authors hometown as the theme, and expresses the emotions of the author in the changes of brush style and connotation; "Scenery Within Mind” is the scenery and environment creation of the author in the artistic conception and rhythm of the large ink and color splashing, which forms the spiritual space with endless image; "Nature the Teacher “is the artistic accumulation of the authors long-term adherence of plunging into the thick of life and painting creation in the face of natural landscapes.

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