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From West to East——Rao Jinzhong Oil Painting Artworks Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 9

European oil painting has a long history, which has, after all, still maintained the characteristics and connotation of paintings art origin as time passes and derivation of various schools. Its overall framework is both humanistic and poetic. Rao Jinzhong studied and lived in Spain for more than 20 years, under the tutelage of Master Mr. Lopez. The 26 works in the exhibition have won many awards in Spain oil painting creations, being his spiritual comfort and support, which just looks like diaries recording the Spanish life. They record his life experience and idea course, and authentically portray his painting career. It is not difficult to see that while he inherits, studies, and research the traditional Western painting, he combines traditional and modern realistic ideas, forming a unique painting style with Oriental features. He traveled West and returned East, presenting the audience a true spiritual path inherited and explored in tradition and modern, East and West, the concrete and the abstract, trying to receive generous criticism from the audience.

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