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Exhibition of Famous Artist from Jiangsu in Beijing: Retrosepctive Exhibition of Feng Jianqin’s Oil Paintings

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 3、5、7
This exhibition is a retrospective exhibition concerning the process of creation of Feng Jianqin’s oil paintings, in which 128 oil painting works he created from 1959 till now will be exhibited. As an artist of early generation cultivated in new China, Feng Jianqin’s oil painting creation not only reflects his personal industrious artistic pursuit, but also carries typical and distinctive imprint of times; his rich experience to act as dean of Nanjing University of the Arts and participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs also makes him have unique field of view different from general oil painters. The works at the retrospective exhibition cover 60-year art career of Feng Jianqin from exercise and theme creation in early years to scenery series with Mount Huang, Great Wall and etc. as subject matter in the new period, to theme creation with implied meaning “Soft power series”… The exhibition also provides a sample for reference for the study of oil painting development in new China from academic perspective at the same time when the exploration road and aesthetic pursuit of Feng Jianqin’s oil paintings are demonstrated.
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