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Expeditions&Journeys Sun Lixin Oil Paintings

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 1、8、9

The exhibition is made up of three parts including Historic Feelings, Scenery All the Way and Snow of the Hometown. “Historic feelings” demonstrates the creation about military and historical themes engaged by the author in a centralized way; “Scenery All the Way” exhibits artistic accumulation that the author consistently goes deep into life and paints from life for a long time; “Snow of the Hometown” is the mode of artistic expression in which the author takes hometown as the theme, snow scene as the keynote, from the depiction of scenery to creating artistic conception, reaching “the state of mind” from “scene”. The exhibition curator Mr. Fan Di’an thinks that in the contemporary military artist groups, Sun Lixin is the representative that works hard, makes unremitting exploration, and shows firm artistic ideal and unique art talent for a long time.

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