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“Collected Classical Works” Series Exhibition of the National Art Museum of China:Exhibition of Top Russian Oil Paintings Collected in the National Art Museum of China

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 19、20、21

In the 19th century, outstanding realistic art masters including Repin, Surikov, Levitan et al. appeared in Russian art circles. Since the 20th century, Russian artists continuously made in-depth exploration based on their national art tradition, depicted this land and people with sincere feelings, and expressed their life, thoughts and feelings. The fine arts in new China ever used their creation modes and ideas for reference and absorbed them. We can find oriental and rural poetic flavor, and the living world of ordinary people in these works. This contains love for land, praise for laborers, and pursuit to the true, the good and the beautiful. Most Russian oil paintings collected in the National Art Museum of China were donated by Mr. Liu Xun in 2005, and some were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig in 1996 for international art. At the exhibition, some representative works are selected, including the works of people’s artists or meritorious artists such as Milnikov, Tkachov Brothers et al., which systematically demonstrates the features of Russian modern arts for the first time.

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