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NAMOC "Activation of Classic Collections" Series Exhibition: Painting Stories-NAMOC Collected Serial Pictures Original Works Exhibition

  • Show Time: To
  • Venues:Hall 19-21

As a form of popular art, serial pictures are an important component of China modern art. In cultural life of the society. This art form, commonly known as “picture-story book”, has an extensive and close relation with mass people. Modern serial pictures appeared at the early of the 20th century and are an outstanding representative of popular art. Since the foundation of New China, the creative team of serial pictures has continued to expand and excellent works emerged in large numbers, a great achievements having been made.
National Art Museum of China has a rich collection on serial pictures. This exhibition aims to highlight influence of serial picture art in common people and further tap its artistic values. Time passes and each generation has its own memory of growth. Through these works which have touched the soul of the public, we expect to outline the development track of modern serial pictures, present the features of serial pictures in different period of time, reveal brushwork charm of serial pictures masters and review spiritual comfort that serial pictures have brought to us.

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