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American Contemporary Printing Exhibition

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  • Venues:Hall 19, 20, 21

National Art Museum of China is very pleased to plan and organize the American Contemporary Printing Exhibition. With the great support of Shanghai Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum and Shenzhen Guanshanyue Art Museum, we can successively display the exhibition in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen after our tour in Beijing. This is a new great success of the culture communication between China and America.

The exhibition focuses on the past 30 years of the development of the American printing. It is the first time that the American printing has been introduced to China. We can see the great exploration and innovation of a large number of famous American artists whose prints have shown their artistic concepts and styles in a very distinctive way. What’s more we can also see the diversity of American printing on expanding the print language, among which the new look of printing shown by the combination between new materials and new technologies, reflects the artistic features of the digital age. We can see that this exhibition will bring very good inspiration and benefit to China. It is not only a cultural communication of deep academic value, but has also shown the Chinese a new perspective of appreciating and understanding the contemporary American printing.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and the US Embassy in China for their great support. And We would like to thank all the American printing artists and the print workshops for offering us your great works so generously and we would like to thank Shanghai Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum and Shenzhen Guanshanyue Art Museum for your cooperation. Besides, we would give great thanks to the academic institutions including the Central Academy of Fine Arts for their great cooperation.

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