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    Wu Weishan

    Wu Weishan is director of the National Art Museum of China, vice chairman of China Artists Association, standing committee member and director of Cultural Committee of China Democratic League, honorary academician of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also serves as president of the China Academy of Sculpture of Chinese National Academy of Arts and works as president, professor and doctoral supervisor of Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing University. He is also member of the 11th and 12th sessions of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and member of Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the CPPCC. He enjoys special allowance by the State Council. Born in January 1962 at Dongtai, Jiangsu province, Wu Weishan was graduated from Department of Arts of Nanjing Normal University in 1987 and continued to teach in the university after graduation. He conducted researches in Peking University (1990-1991), served as senior visiting scholar in European Ceramic Work Center (1996) and senior visiting scholar of College of Arts of University of Washington (1997-1998). Back from abroad in 1998, he worked as professor of Nanjing University and founded Sculpture Art Research Center at which he works as postgraduate tutor in the direction of religious studies, fine arts and design art in the university. Wu Weishan was professor for cultural lectures of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2000 and is the first artist to win the award of “Bao Yugang Outstanding Artist”. He was visiting professor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002, when he was given the award of “Gong Xueyin Outstanding Scholar”. He founded Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing University in 2003 and worked as the first president. Wu Weishan also held the post of director of the China Academy of Sculpture of Chinese National Academy of Arts and director of Chinese Urban Sculpture Artistic Committee in 2007. He was appointed as director of Fine Art Research Center of Chinese National Academy of Arts by the Ministry of Culture in 2009. Wu Weishan won the Pangolin Award and the RRC Award for Person of the Year of Chinese art. He is honorary PhD in philosophy at Inje University, South Korea, member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and the Royal British Society of Portrait Sculptors. He was appointed as director of the National Art Museum of China in September 2014.
  • Xie Xiaofan

    Xie Xiaofan Deputy Director of the National Art Museum of China

    Xiaofan was born in Chongqing in 1964 and used to be director of Continued Construction Project Office and director of Development and Planning Office in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has been devoted to the undertaking of project management and research of the museum and the gallery and has published books of Art Museums and Discriminating images— Walking between the Construction and the Art. He was responsible for coordination and management through the approval and the completion of the museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Employed as appraisal expert by Appraisal Center of National-invested Project of the National Development and Reform Commission, he took part in the review of the approval and the research of several national-level important cultural infrastructures.

    Xie Xiaofan took the lead to compile Construction Standard of National Public Art Museums, devoted to promoting the professionalism and the standardization construction of the hardware, the software and the operation of the country’s museums. He took in charge of preparing for a number of artistic exhibitions, including “2009 Beijing World Design Conference”. He was transferred to the post of assistant to director of the National Art Museum of China in April 2010 and then appointed as deputy director of the National Art Museum of China in December, 2010

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    Hu Wei

    Deputy Director of NAMOC 

    Hu Wei was born in Jinan, Shandong province in 1957. He stayed at Central Academy of Fine Arts to teach after graduation in 1982. He became an assistant of Mr. Ye Qianyu in 1983 and assisted Mr. Ye in his work. His work “Li Dazhao, Qu Qiubai and Xiohong” won gold golden medal of International Youth Art Exhibition in 1985. He was sent to Japan by State Education Commission of China in 1987 and studied on China-Japan Art Comparison and Ancient Painting Preservation and Repair following Professor Hirayama Ikuo, President of Tokyo University of the Arts. Hu received his master’s degree in fine arts by Tokyo University of the Arts. In 1995, UNESCO Headquarter (Paris) held “Hu Wei Exhibition”. He obtained his doctoral degree in fine arts at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1996. Hu returned to his Alma Mater-Central Academy of Fine Arts and was promoted to professor by making an exception, taking in charge of “Material and Expression Studio”.
    Hu Wei has headed The National Grand Theater Art Project, Art Concept and Design Project of Beijing Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony and Olympic Art Conference of London Olympic Games.Having chaired the “National Key Projects of National Art Science the 10th Five-year Plan”, Hu accomplished China Ancient Fresco Preservation and Repair Special Project. Hu has been granted certificate of “The State Candidate of Millions of Talents Project in the New Century” jointly issued by 7 Ministries and Commissions of China, certificate of “Beijing Institutions of Higher Learning Top Teacher Award” issued by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. He has independently completed “Chen Duxiu and New Youth”, one of the works of “Art Creation Project on State Significant Historical Themes” carried out jointly by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Culture.
    Hu has acted as senior judge of National Art Exhibition, National Youth Art Exhibition, Beijing International Art Biennial, China Young Artist Overseas Research and Study Project, Chinese Art Award?Lifetime Achievement Award, Senior Professional Title of Art of Ministry of Culture, and enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council.
    In 2010, Hu Wei began to act as Deputy Director of NAMOC. He also acts as Chairman of Comprehensive Material Painting, Preservation and Repair Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association, Director of China Overseas Friendship Association, Director of China Peaceful Unification Promotion Agency and Director of Western Returned Scholars Association·Association of Chinese Students Studying Abroad.
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    Zhang Zikang

    Zhang Zikang is deputy director of the National Art Museum of China, vice director and member of National Art Museum Committee of China and vice director of Experimental Artistic Committee of China Artists Association.

    Born in October 1964 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, Zhang Zikang was graduated from Department of the Art of Hebei Normal University in 1989 and graduated from EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

    Zhang Zikang worked as artistic editor of Hebei Book Business Report in Xinhua Bookstore in Hebei province (1989.7 – 1991.5), worked in Hebei Education Publishing House as director of artistic editorial office and cultural editorial office and director of Beijing Songyafeng Cultural and Artistic Center successively (1991.6 - 2006.9,). He was director of Artistic Information Research Center of China National Academy of Painting (2006.9-2009.4) and head of Cultural and Artistic Publishing House of Chinese National Academy of Arts and director of Research and Promotion Center of the Chinese Art (2009.4-2011.8). He was appointed as Deputy General of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and also president of Xinjiang Academy of Fine Arts (2011.8-2014.8).

    Zhang Zikang was director of Today Art Museum and editor-in-chief of Oriental Art and Today Art. He was guest professor of Urban Design School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and vice president of Contemporary Art School of Chinese National Academy of Arts.

    He was appointed as deputy director of the National Art Museum of China in September 2014.

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    An Yuanyuan

    An Yuanyuan is deputy director of the National Art Museum of China, council member of the Chinese Artists’ Association, council member of the Professional Committee of National Art Museums and member of the Guiding Committee of National Urban Sculptures.

    Born in Shaanxi province in 1965, An Yuanyuan studied in the Department of the Art History of China Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1984 to 1988. And then she worked in the fine arts’ office of the artistic bureau of the Ministry of Culture in 1988 and worked as the office chief between 2005 and 2014. She has been devoted to the construction and the management of the museums and galleries and has participated in a number of major national–level exhibitions.

    She has played an active and professional role in organizing a number of important events, including the Artistic Creation Project on National Major Historical Themes, national artistic exhibitions, the first China Design Exhibition and the Chinese poetry Festival since the first to the third as well as artistic collection, donation rewards and free opening of the museums. Related articles with contemporary artistic creation and research can be found in newspapers and magazines.

    She was appointed as deputy director of the National Art Museum of China in February, 2014.

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